Monday 25th June

| BY Richard Gray

Paul Smith: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

This Beeston lad has expanded his Paul Smith empire into 70 countries. It’s a magic mix of tailoring skills that boils up a special brew of world-beating menswear, and has sold a brand to the world that says “Come on England!”. Potent then that he shows on the day the England team thrashed Panama 6-1 in the World Cup. So for spring, Captain Smith sent a line out of super-skilled looks rooted in Savile Row tailoring. Drop double-breasted jackets and check fabrics were best. Then new wave details like red shoes and a double button jacket in yellow. And a smashing pink jacket the British press were slavering over. Then we went all new wave again with a red leather coat and some superb window pane checks. Mash that up with a polka dot and kerching! Paul Smith magic.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans