Sunday 19th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Philipp Plein: Menswear SS17

Phillip Plein not only knows how to put on a show, but wants to. And makes no qualms about it. That’s why our latest excursion to Pleinland started not on a catwalk but on a basketball court. Somewhere between the cheerleading and mascot battles, dribbling players and a Busta Rhymes performance, Plein’s collection was shown. But it’s all part of the experience – you have to see it all, and have fun. That’s an essential component. Plein’s clothes are fun, colourful, elaborately decorated, always. This time they riffed on the codes and colours of American sports uniforms, on collegiate jackets splattered with basketball motifs, although the team was named “PLEIN” and their jerseys only numbered “78” (the year he was born). They were also very much to his personal taste – lots of embroidery, more leather and much higher price tag than your normal sports gear. They were, naturally, splattered with stars – because, really, that’s who Plein is making these clothes for. Although the argument runs that any man would be a star in clobber like this.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans