Tuesday 13th August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Denim on Denim: Polo Ralph Lauren Celebrate The Power of a Great Pair of Jeans

For the love of Dolly Parton… Have you checked the weather forecast lately? Or just looked outside your window? This might be the right time to whip out your best denim. Making sure you get some fresh inspiration for yet another season of flaunting your best ass(ets) in that favourite pair of jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren just dropped their new denim campaign. Titled Wear Your Story, the images continue the personality-led Family Campaign released earlier in the year. A diverse cast of models with some enviably high cheekbones represent the next chapter of Americana the heritage brand is just so known for. Lensed by the team efforts of Tim Hill and James Finnigan, the images are set on a fantastical ranch somewhere in the Mid West. Living in this chic utopia, the only thing on these attractive people’s mind is – what wash of jeans should I choose?

The new collection extends the brand’s range of denim styles – focusing on wash, treatment and details across several silhouettes both in the men’s and women’s line. As part of Ralph Lauren’s Design the Change initiative, the company has renewed its sustainability strategy which includes supporting responsible cotton production. For this collection as well as the other aspects of the brand, Lauren’s team is working with suppliers who collect and recycle existing denim, as well as reducing the amounts of water and rocks required in creating certain washes. By 2025, Ralph Lauren are planning to source 100% of its cotton and reduce water use by 20% across all operations.

The looks to choose from are aplenty – a classic riding jacket + white shirt + mid rise light wash combo will turn even the frumpiest boys and girls (aka me) into looking like you own a stable and all the horses inside it. You know, the country executive realness. Double, triple, even quadruple denim is also in the game. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially not that b*tch Jolene…

The Polo Ralph Lauren denim collection is available to shop online.