Monday 18th January

| BY Jack Moss

Prada: AW16 Menswear

The stage was set: a plywood town square, an arena for spectacles, said Mrs Prada backstage. A place where all people gather together, to experience. A Prada show is always an experience. Something transporting and exceptional. This one, for Autumn/winter, was exceptionally exceptional. Is that a thing? Well, we loved it anyway, the lived-in feel of layers of clothes, shirting and tailoring creased and rumpled and pulled apart, like the whole thing was slowly unraveling, rumpled by an indescribable and fantastic voyage, leaving bits of your clothes dangling by strings and your sailor hat askew. Mrs Prada was tackling big themes – the swathe of history and Joe it affects us today, said she. But ultimately the mix wound up feeling nothing less than perfectly right for now. Stellar.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans