Thursday 22nd August

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Prada Cloudbust Thunder Men’s Trainers

Alexa, play ‘Cloudbusting’ by Kate Bush. Okay, now that we’ve got the soundtrack up and running, let’s talk about some shoes. Actually not some shoes – we’re talking Prada shoes. For AW19, it were the Mary Shelley’s story of Frankestein that inspired Lady Miuccia. But while cartoonish gore and horror scenarios covered the jumpers, the footwear had a childish, toy-like appeal to them. An update on the already popular Cloudbust trainer, the new season version got Thunder added to the name, a sign of the darker inspirations behind the collection. The upper of the trainer has a space-y 3D effect due to the mixing of rubber and tech fabrics, making your feet look like they’re starring in the next chapter of the Transformer franchise. This unique fabric treatment also gives the shoes unprecedented flexibility and softness, despite their sturdy mechanical looks. Fashion and function – it’s the Prada way.

While the orginal Cloudbust trainer had an oval sole referencing its name, the new version is distinguishable for its tyre-tread sole which has sharp wedges inserted between the distinctive bubbles. These shoes were made for stomping – on clouds or mountains, it’s totes up to you. Prada’s it trainer for the season comes in five variations for the guys and six for girls (an extra black and white colourway). You can choose between the all-white and all-black, as well as the Lego-like primary colours of red, blue and yellow. Or just get all of them – there’s no such thing as too much Prada.

Prada’s Cloudbust Thunder men’s trainers are available to shop online and in selected stores.