Monday 18th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Prada: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

We’ve officially experienced heaven, brought to us by Prada. Exactly how we dreamt it would be. Heaven is lit up in a purple neon haze, where everyone sits on and amongst inflatable stools. Our own mini transparent bouncy castles flooded the Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s Cartesian show space, an exclusive rendition of the 1960s piece produced by Verpan. Floating on Prada air. Our personal bearings were printed on the tranluscent floor, a geometric pattern in this architectural field. We’d be lost without Prada. If angels exist, they come gliding in trapper hats and the cleanest, sharpest, chicest tailored jackets and shorts. Yes the shorts were short, sitting low on the waist and anchored in glinting buckled belts. Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’ breakbeat snare rushes rushed them forward in their roll necks, their summer staples, coming in the most Miuccia palette of peachy pinks, forest greens and warm mustards. The Prada primary colours. Pants were straight and sleek and denim was worked into the new and improved suit jacket. Sneakers lit up in hot flushes of orange and yellow, socks pulled up high with those blazers and printed shorts. Square Prada stamps were slapped on the necks of jumpers and above the pockets on jackets, official badges of honour. They each carried bags over their shoulders, leather straps or drawstring, forever on a mission. The Prada man never stays in one place. Catch him if you can. Florals were cartoonish, blooming down long sleeves before shirts frilled and ruffled down the front so subtly fanciful, everything layered expertly in rainbows of clever colours and collages. Air’s ‘Sexy Boy’ flooded the finale, taking us higher as the boys drifted longitudinally through the four trajectories of the room. A psychedelic surreal wonderland, yet another dimension of the Pradasphere. We like heaven – the music’s good, the seats are comfortable and the clothes are epic. And God is a woman.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans