Monday 20th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Prada: Menswear SS17

A stacked walkway slanting heavenwards; a soundtrack of nineties rave hits; dark silhouettes slashed with neon; and loads and loads and loads of brilliant clothes. That was the notion of the motion behind Prada’s spring 2017 outing, inspired by the idea of travel. Maybe she got stuck in the flight strikes in Milan too? Every model seemed to have found their luggage in any case, sporting the iconic Prada black nylon rucksack, stuffed with garments and dangling shoes (one chivalrous bloke carried his girlfriend’s high heels – bless’im). The silhouette was narrow, streamlined, go-faster, with tight trousers or knit leggings giving a sporty flair as the models hiked up a metal mesh mountain in their Prada climbing gear. Obviously, it’s never looked so good before, with the techy detailing, the billowing layers of nylon cagoule (after Versace’s looms yesterday, defy an up-and-coming trend), and the madcap mix of pattern and print. Miuccia Prada’s interest in other cultures surrendered emoji-esque splattering of exotic fruit and scenes on short sports hoodies or cotton shirts. She’s even convinced us that socks with sandals are not only viable, nor buyable, but even adorable. Kudos Mrs Prada – you’ve made us love fashion again. Then again, you always do.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans