Monday 15th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Prada Show Their Men’s AW18 Together With Women’s Pre-Fall

Does Prada wanna be adored? Isn’t Prada already adored? I only ask because there did seem to be the ever so slight underpinning of ‪the Stone Roses‬ to this… Manchester. Not to mention Mulder. Which begs the further question, since when are roses made of stone, and if indeed these anomalies of nature have been spotted in the wild, why have the X-Files not done an episode devoted to the phenomenon?

There was a throwback element to Prada. The nylon heavy collection recalled the brands early reinvention from a luggage house to one that encompassed clothing, the use of womenswear archive prints- rather fitting actually seeing as Prada always debuts it’s Pre-Fall womenswear collection alongside the upcoming A/W menswear collection- lipsticks from 2002, bananas from 2011, washed out tropical landscapes from 2010 and geometries from every third collection or so thats ever emerged from the fair hand of Mrs Prada.

There was a utilitarian, surfer feel to this. The ‘slacker’ uniform was there in tailored shorts that were awkwardly oversized, hitting the knee slap bang in the middle of the joint, and paired with that Prada hallmark, a boxy short sleeve shirt, both in matching prints. Before taking that same silhouette and having it morph into a classic workman wear jacket, zip fronted. In padded nylon. And can we mention the bucket hats? It’s lucky the models didn’t sport bowl/ curtain hairstyles, otherwise you’d have been forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a time machine. Fools gold? No, just gold. There’s definitely nothing foolish about it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans