Thursday 22nd October

| BY 10 Magazine

Pringle of Scotland: Birthday Treat


Thanks to Botox, added preservatives and expert healthcare, it’s growing increasingly likely that a few of us may live to hit 200. If I do, I’m not sure what I’ll be getting up to. My bet? Not a lot. Definitely not as much as Pringle of Scotland, who celebrated their bicentennial this year in serious style. As they’re from Scotland, the most obvious way was with a Highland fling. They didn’t quite do that, but they came close, by collaborating with the dance impresario Michael Clark on a performance staged in Carla Sozzani’s gallery space atop her cult concept clobber-monger 10 Corso Como during Milan’s SS16 menswear week in June.

The Pringle collection – of muted blues and grey-greens, natty knits and utilitarian details – was aptly paraded, but Clark’s corps de ballet stole the limelight in their knotty, natty dance piece. The idea was to explore the notion of the body underneath the clothes. Sexy. “I never want the clothes to wear me,” says Clark. “They must look as if you just happened to be wearing whatever it is and found yourself onstage without prior knowledge.”

Fitting, then, that Clark’s dancers pranced in both new Pringle clothes and pieces pulled from the archive. It was what so many brands try to do, to waltz artfully between the present and the past, yanking classics out and making them feel fresh and exciting. Nothing does that like wrapping your garms snugly around the muscled thighs and haunches of a troupe of contemporary dance’s finest.

Text by Alexander Fury

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans