Thursday 12th January

| BY Jack Moss

PS by Paul Smith AW17 At Pitti Uomo

Not that we can quite capture this one in images. So we will, attempt, to describe it. Let’s start with – he’s clever that Paul Smith. Because what his PS by Paul Smith show tonight was about clothes that do stuff. Or, clothes to do stuff in. Like, for example, clothes you can balance on a mans head with, using only on hand. If you fancy. Which boys did today. Wearing PS. They also did some dancing. And cycling. And what we can perhaps describe as power yoga. A sort of acrobatic bend and snap. Hunky men doing bendy stuff? Fabulous. And talking of tricks, the clothes themselves had a certain trickery too. Like the jacket that repels water (Paul showed us with an artful glass of water toss) or ones that glow in the blare of a car headlight when your cycling – “so you don’t die,” according to Paul. Or for that matter, a suit that doesn’t crease when you travel. Macs that fold up into teeny tiny bags. And, as Paul told us – this was only a tiny part of the collection. There’s plenty more to come. So let’s not call PS by Paul Smith a diffusion line. It’s a whole new thing. PS I love you. Sorry, had to.