Friday 24th July

| BY Annie Verrall

Public School: AW15 Campaign

For the AW15 campaign, public school went on work experience.

My favourite thing about New York is the buildings. You walk down a street looking up the whole way, in fact I think I missed everything below eye level. Sky rise after sky rise. A metropolis of a thousand little square windows filled with a thousand little square offices. Much like this one here, I imagine. And if you’re like me you might wonder, ‘what are they all doing in there?’ Tapping away at their keyboards. The epitome of the nine to five. Working away, above, below and next to an identical little office. A landscape of grey/beige, plastic-polystyrene.

The models have go that pale dewy skin only achieved from air-con and starved of natural light. Chow and Osborne do not strike me as the office bound type. A bit like Karlin Wolter and Samuel Worthen, who have a look in their eye like they know something we don’t. perhaps its because those padded jackets with their many zips and over-sized pockets are filled with stolen office supplies. Or perhaps its’ because even though they go to public school, they are destined for far greater things.

Photographer: Greg Harris

Creative Director: Christopher Simmonds

Stylist: Tony Irvine

Models: Karlin Wolter and Samuel Worthen