Friday 15th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Ralph Lauren Purple: AW16 Menswear

Themes? Who needs themes? Certainly not Ralph Lauren, whose only theme for his Purple Label menswear is luxury, in every iteration. It’s made for men who go to ambassadors’ receptions and each Ferrero Rocher, for men who own great tranches of land up in the Rockies and entire wardrobes of subtly different tailored tuxedos. If there is a running theme, it’s of Americana, deluxed up and tailored made for the lifestyles of the rich and even richer. This was a winter collection, so of course it was about skiing – sleek ski pants,  a tailored suit in black ski-tech fabric, and even a capsule of bespoke fully functional ski equipment. That includes double steel-edge downhill skis and ski poles with a stitching that mimics the signature Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag. Slalom chic.

Photographs courtesy of Ralph Lauren