Club to Catwalk and Back: Presenting Five Types of Ravers That Made Their Appearance During Fashion Week

Rave. It’s something we’ve all been fixated with at some point. We buy books on UK Garage, spend our weekends attending exhibitions on Acid House and have at least once fantasised about what it’s really like inside Berghain. Cringey, yes. But we’re all a bit guilty. When harking back to the sweat-soaked summer nights when thousands of teens flocked to fields just off the M6 to drop E and dance till the sun rose once again – it’s their fashion that stands out the most. From the baggy silhouettes twinged with a hippy sense of community spirit to the logo-heavy twinsets that dominated the dancefloors of Rage at Heaven or Twice as Nice at The Colosseum. Rave culture and the hedonism engraved within it have been a re-occurring reference point for fashion designers across the board. Yet, we want to delve into the sort of nightlife goer we could picture sporting some of the dance-floor-friendly fashions that have popped up on the catwalk over the past few years.

The Scantily-Clad Art Schooler

They usually congregate at Adonis on the first Saturday of each month, or find themselves entranced in happy hardcore events next door at Grow Tottenham. Ask them if they go Saint Martins and you’ll probably get a chuckle in response to such an obvious question. Both their ass cheeks will probably be out. The only item they’ll have on them aside from a barely-there thong will be a bag in a bag, if you catch our drift. It’s all about dancing hard, and making sure everyone’s looking how good you look while doing so. The first collection that sprung to mind when describing these fashion folk is Ashish SS19. Bedazzled thongs and sequin embellished tank tops in crystal white and lilac – they’d give up sniffing poppers for life if it meant they could snatch a piece of this sparkling magic.

Ashish SS19

The Boomtown Bucket Hat Wearer 

She’s just about to finish her “gap yah” and is heading off to Bristol uni in September. She couldn’t get a ticket to Glasto, so off to Boomtown she goes. She’s watched a few old rave clips on YouTube and has kind of got to grips with the fashions. Baggy jeans: check. Oversized tees: check. Bucket hat: of course. The latter she’ll probably nab from Prada’s AW18 menswear collection, or if she’s lucky enough to find a cracking metallic one from Miu Miu’s Acid House-inspired Resort 2017 collection. It will be a weekend of “wahwah” bassline beats, formidable gun-fingers and holding onto the bucket hat for dear life, in fear that some crusty would pinch it.

Miu Miu Resort 17

The Zante School Leaver 

He’s just bossed his A-Levels and the testosterone is practically seeping out his acne-filled pores. He and his wolfpack have finally completed school and are on the brink of manhood. What better way to celebrate than a quick summer getaway to the sunny beaches of Zante. Five or so days dotted with acid-hued shots, torsos splattered with neon paint and a dodgy tattoo that will have to remain hidden from the parents. Christopher Shannon’s SS16 collection celebrated these teens with immense libido: the hair splodged with remains from last night’s foam party, hot pink bras hung around the neck like a trophy from his latest cop off on the dance floor. It’s sun, sex and splendid fashions.

Christopher Shannon SS16

The Garage Griever

The death of UK Garage marked the end of the UK’s most stylish subculture. Though the dance floors across the capital may no longer be influxed with Patrick Cox loafers, Versace shirting and all-over Moschino, the 2stepping Garage tunes still remain rather popular amongst nightlife goers of London. Many will even scower even the most suspicious of venues in search of garage-themed nights. They might sport brands like Iceberg, an original UKG favourite. Or they might wear some contemporary flashy garms; think relaxed Liam Hodges fits, or Bobby Abley over-the-top-ness. The night will be spent 2stepping alright, two-stepping far away as possible from freshers and coked-up footy hooligans.

Iceberg SS20

The Techno Basher

Y’know the type of person we mean. They’ve spent a summer in Berlin and now they’re contemplating getting their shaved head tattooed. Pre-drinks with them are riddled with slutty stories from the KitKat toilets, or the hours on end they spent cutting shapes in the darkness of Berghain’s blistering techno. When it comes to their wardrobe, it’s all-black of course. You’ll probably see them copping off in the toilets at Chapter 10 in GmbH leather trousers they copped at Voo Store, paired with a harness, and maybe a ballgag if they’re feeling extra kinky. No matter which club you’re in, on whatever continent, they’ll be donning their utilitarian fashions. You can take the girl out of Berlin, but you could never take the Berlin out of the girl – no matter how hard you try.

GmbH SS19

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