Tuesday 28th March

| BY Jack Moss

Robert Pattinson Stars In Dior Homme’s Latest Campaign

Proof that Robert Pattinson still has the power to make a whole generation of women whip off their knickers and throw them in his general direction. Obviously here I am primarily referring to myself, myself, were I not wearing some dreggy off-white boxer briefs. He wouldn’t like that. Here, the actor serves up brooding face and body, if a body can be brooding (IDK he’s a little hunched) bedecked in Dior Homme’s Black Carpet Collection and snapped by none other than Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld. According to the accompanying blurb, the Black Carpet collection was created by Kris Van Assche “as a connection between the classic masculine evening wardrobe and the more rebellious aspects of his street and sportswear inspiration.” I would do the whole “those clothes would look better on my bedroom floor” thing, but soz R – I’d prefer if they were just hanging in my wardrobe.