Sunday 26th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Sacai: Menswear SS17

We love pink. Deep pink. Pepto bismol is the phrase to describe it, that crazy, eye-popping bluey purply pink that smacks you right in the kisser. It was the opening colour of Chitose Abe’s Sacai collection, drenching models head to foot so they wound up looking like some kind of exotic, gigantic walking foxglove (they’re a similar colour, if our powers of description aren’t so hot). That makes it sound like this collection was about Little Shop Of Horrors, but it was more Clockwork Orange actually. What that added up to on your body was plenty of utilitarian sportswear, practical and less cross-bred than Sacai’s past excursions into hybridised clothes. The fabrics came from all over the shop – Mexican poncho stripes, British paisleys, a bit of tartan. A global viewpoint for a collection to dress the world.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans