Thursday 28th October

| BY Nino Sichinava

Ten Loves: Saint Laurent Mesh Backpack

Who says you have to be heading back to school to splash out on a new backpack? With the brand new additions taken from Saint Laurent’s SS22 line of accessories, you can make every casual occasion a YSL one. Crafted with see-through mesh in two different colours, fuchsia and yellow, the brand’s new backpack, waist bag and duffle bag will easily become trusty companions in busy city life, while travelling or simply for a sporty day out. 

You might ask, what makes this bag so special? Well, it’s light yet spacious, meaning you won’t be slogging around a big, heavy, ball of stuff on your back all day. Finished with the Saint Laurent logo stamped at the centre, this backpack takes the rich heritage of the house and merges it with a comfortability attuned to the everyday.  The sort of backpack ideal for the active rhymes of day-to-day living. 

Saint Laurent’s SS22 accessories will be available online and in select stores in the new year.