Thursday 23rd April

| BY Dino Bonacic

Bringing Sexy Back (Into Menswear): Saul Nash Is Next Up in our 10 Designers To Meet

Instead of asking one person to curate their world for us, for Issue 51 of 10 Men, we presented our own list of designers who we think are making menswear sexy again. While some like the instant reveal and others prefer the more subversive kind of erotica, they’re all giving us hope for a hotter tomorrow. Marking the halfway mark in our list is Fashion East designer Saul Nash. 

Fashion hasn’t always been Saul Nash’s calling. For most of his life, this Hackney boy’s closest circle recognised him as a dancer – and so did he, going on to study a BA in performance design at Central Saint Martins. “We had a costume pathway in the course and I was curious about making garments that could transcend from the performance space into everyday life,” he says. This creative spark led to him then getting a scholarship to study an MA in menswear at the Royal College of Art, from which he graduated in 2018.

And even though he has received major exposure for his work, particularly after his sophomore SS20 collection, shown as part of Fashion East, Nash continues to defy the idea of choosing between art and dance. Instead of catwalks, Nash creates dancing performances that showcase his modular activewear in motion. In his clothes the complexity of curved cuts and layers of traditional sportswear fabrics unravels as the wearer moves, revealing a notion of subdued sensuality. There are toggles, zips and drawstrings that allow the wearer to adjust the garment to their own preference. Tracksuit hems can go higher or lower, shoulders can be revealed or concealed.

Nash also collaborates with other figures in the industry. including super-stylist Ib Kamara, and when not in his studio, can often be found vogueing at London’s hottest fashion’s parties. Category is: sporty butch queen realness…

The first garment you ever created?

“When I was 18, I made a draped bomber jacket out of lining. It looked ridiculous but I still wore it with pride.”

Which designers inspire you?

“I admire so many and appreciate the many different journeys and processes they take, but I am really inspired by my friends and the people around me.”

When do you feel sexiest?

“Vogueing – it’s the moment I feel absolutely fabulous.”

What do you wear when you want to feel sexy?

“I love to have my arms out, so vests.”

Describe your SS20 collection.

“SS20 felt like air as light layers touched the skin.”

Your perfect date-night scenario?

“Holding hands in the cinema!”

Top image photographed by Henry Mills. Taken from Issue 51 of 10 Men – GENTLE, SENSUAL, FANTASY – on newsstands now.