Monday 13th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Sibling: Menswear SS17

It doesn’t take much to excite us, but it’s fair to say that Sibling went above and beyond today when the first boy, or should we say man, walked out to the sound of Dr Dre and Tu Pac’s California, a towel round his waist, only to whip it off mid strut to reveal a very small and well fitted speedo. The California sound track was very apt seeing as this was a homage to California. Think buff, pumped up, boys gone wild. This was a sea of rippling muscle clad men in sexed-up varsity knit. There was mention of a palm tree motif, and it was there, but it wasn’t as literal as that. Think a more abstract 80s graphic, like something out of Saved by the Bell’s opening graphics, which is more 90s, but everything from the birth of that era was always an afterthought from the previous one. It’s probably important to mention not that Sibling included womenswear in their show, which they did, but seeing as this was announced a month or so ago, the womenswear didn’t feel like an after thought as it has done in many of this week’s collections. The girls felt just as considered as the men. There was no discrepancy between the two, giving one the sense that they had actually been designed for as one. One collection that works both ways. But enough of pretending that we’re in anyway serious. This was, quite simply super fun. Which is what clothes should be. Very California poolboy. And varsity bright. Who could resist?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans