Friday 8th December

| BY Joel Traptow

Sies Marjan Unveil Their Debut Menswear Capsule


Since their first show, just over a year ago, Sies Marjan, the buzz NY label of designer Sander Lak, haven’t stopped. And we haven’t stopped loving it. Obsessing over it, even. As people who wear majority black/navy/grey, we are strangely seduced by the expressive rainbow of colours Sander treats us too season after season. And, us boys in particular, have found inspiration in Sander himself, asking ourselves, when we see pictures of the designer: “why don’t we look like this?” Long story short, though Sies Marjan is technically a womenswear label, Sander makes clothes that he wants to wear. And, whilst we are up for wearing women’s clothes – none of it will fit our strapping six foot and above frames. So, due to customer demand (and also, well, why the hell not?) Sies Marjan have launched a men’s capsule collection. Of course, we knew men’s was coming after the campaign images from AW17 were released, but now it’s here and ready to buy and god, are we excited. Shirts, trousers, knits and coats in pastel and candy shades – it’s going to change everything. The only question is: what to buy first?

Photographs by Tomas McCarty
The collection is available now at Matches Fashion, Barneys in New York and the Sies Marjan website

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