Thursday 13th May

| BY 10 Magazine

Inside 10: Machine-A’s Stavros Karelis and Steven Ma Join Ten Men at Home

It’s been a strange year for fashion, to say the least. The dashing men we’re used to seeing at shows, press appointments and late-night fashion-week parties have been confined to their humble abodes. So, for the inaugural Inside 10, we stepped into the homes of some of the industry’s most adored gentlemen – on a quest to discover how they really live. Expect lavish art, fancy sofas and, of course, handsome looks pulled from the SS21 collections. Today, we enter the humble abode of Stavros Karelis (founder and buying director of Machine-A) and his partner Steven Ma (creative director, Steven Ma and co-creative director, Delada), who are joined by their dogs Bae-Bae and Boo-Boo.

What’s your most prized possession in your home?

Stavros Karelis: “My Raf Simons books with their handwritten notes.”

Steven Ma: “The meteorite piece I collected along with other minerals.”

What dream item would make your home all that more special?

SK: “A year ago I would have said the wall lights by Jean Royère, but right now it’s having our loved ones, friends and family in the house. That’s all that matters to make a home special, so perhaps a magic portal that allows us to do that.”

SM: “It would be great to adopt a third dog, so that we have a really big family.”

What’s the key to keeping your humble abode a happy one?

SK: “The dogs, music, dance and cooking.”

SM: “Keeping a positive attitude, accepting and embracing what’s coming next, playing my video games and watching films and TV series that inspire me. And more than anything, watching the dogs playing with each other and giving us unconditional love.”

Photography by Elliott Morgan. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Ten Men at Home series. Taken from Issue 53 of 10 Men – NO PLACE, LIKE, HOME – is out NOW. Order your copy here.