Tuesday 6th March

| BY Roxy Lola

Stella McCartney Presents Her Debut Co-Ed Show For AW18

Stella McCartney is turning things upside down, inside out. On the verge of breaking free from Kering and doing what she does best. This was a vintage rework, including Stella’s favourite three R’s: recycling, reconstructing and repurposing. We do love a bit of R&R&R. So she delved into timeless classics in both men’s and women’s wardrobes, more focused on the men’s, and shook things up. Wedding dresses were repurposed into beautiful lace dresses that flowed and fitted perfectly with a pair of sneakers. The lining of coats transformed into dresses, waistcoats turned into sculpted singlet style tops and dresses were put in reverse, inside out. Expect the unexpected. J.H. Lynch’s artworks became prints onto loose sheer chiffon, taking iconic ‘60s British culture, quite funny and kitsch, but not objectifying them.

That sense of a bohemian spirit at play was felt in those campfire blankets knitted together, sitting down at Glastonbury sort of stuff and in those lingerie style dresses worn loose and finished with lace. Stella McCartney has pioneered recycling, faux fabrics, thinking about the environment and fashions impact on it. She’s vegan, duh. Yes, she was pioneering before anybody else and as everyone else is trying to catch up, she’s already a few steps ahead, her ethics fully interweaved into every part of this collection. The new “Loop” trainer was squeaky clean, providing support and apparently “a more recyclable circular economy.” Sounds good to us. Lizzo’s ‘Phone’ was reworked to rap, “What the hell these Stella shoes for?” They’re for walking in an ethically chic, feel good collection of intricate vintage inspo. Work it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans