Monday 13th January

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: TAG Heuer Autavia

You can tell a lot about a man by the type of watch he’s wearing. That timepiece that he bears on his wrist is a gateway into reading between the lines; a glimpse into what he’s really all about.  Some prove too flashy, others simply just read as tacky. But if you’re after a well-put-together man, someone who’s firmly got himself in check, you ought to keep an eye out for a Tag Heuer. Like this one right here, the Autavia model. Valued by both drivers and pilots across the globe, it remains sporty yet sophisticated. Just like your dream man. The latest two additions to the Autavia family prove to be particularly fantastic.

Crafted from a rugged bronze exterior, both a brown or green colour scheme is available for your consideration. The former comes with a hazelnut leather strap, and a brown dial to match, whilst the latter favours a khaki palette, with the strap also made from the same sturdy leather. Both come equipped with a 42mm watch face fitted with a bidirectional rotating ceramic bezel. And did we mention? The straps are interchangeable, meaning you can swap and change them as you please. You can even trade your straps with your mates down the pub. Think of this like Yu-Gi-Oh!, just a more grown-up version.

Tag Heuer’s Autavia models are available online now and in select stores.