Monday 16th March

| BY Paul Toner

It’s Time to Get Connected With Tag Heuer’s Brand New Smart Watch

There are a lot of things we become connected to quite frivolously these days. The latest app, your newest Instagram crush, even the kebab shop you discovered on the way home from last week’s drunken outing… But the one connection you can count on lasting longer than your craving for lamb doner is the fondness you have for your watch. You wear it everyday, you may even feel naked if you leave the house without it – so of course, your watch has got to maintain a timeless sense of appeal.

Thankfully Tag Heuer are masters in crafting the most elegant and practical timepieces, fit to accompany you on your everyday adventures. A standout creation courtesy of the Swiss watchmakers is the new chapter of their Connected series. First pioneered back in 2015, this year sees the release of its third generation which has been treated with more refinement than ever before. Catered for a luxury digital experience all just above the palm of your hand, Tag Heuer Connected lets you enhance your day-to-day with Wear OS by Google software, perfect for golfing, running, walking and other fitness activities. Through the Tag Heuer Sports app, you can track your progress day-to-day, so whether you’re completing a hike first thing of a Saturday, or opting to spend the night before dancing till dawn – make sure you’re exercising in style.

The Tag Heuer Connected is available online and in select stores.