Sunday 18th March

| BY Richard Gray

Ten Commandments: MSGM: The Colours


If, after looking at this excellent outfit from mega-brand MSGM, you’re thinking, “Ooh! That’s a bit like looking at clothes through the best, most upbeat phone filter you’ve ever seen in your life”, you’d be right. The hyper, “up”, colourful quality of this streetwear-ish inspired and cracking collection is on purpose and a clever nod to the ever-sunny world of filters and hues found on mobile phones these days. It’s typical of the clever designer Massimo Giorgetti, whose design references run from art to architecture but also technology. He seems to ask himself: how do we live now? The result, every season, is a line-out of modern, city-friendly outfits. And the best bit? Mix any of the seasons together and it all seems to work so well. Then with now and last season with this. It’s a testament to strong design when you can wear runway from archive to now. On a personal note, we’ve seen these trainers in the showroom and they’re something else. For vertically challenged fashion fans they have that perfect height: a good 2in if you’re counting, and to be honest, men usually are. The whip-stitch detail around the upper is completely brilliant and they have this great bounce when you walk. In fact, we’re going to come out and say it – these are probably the best trainers you’ll buy this season. And the next.

Taken from Issue 47 of 10 Men Magazine, SHIFT POWER NEW, on newsstands now

Collage by Siduations