Tuesday 23rd August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Ten Looks: Schoolboy Chic

As the Summer holidays come to an end parents and non-parental adults alike cry “Thank God”. We wave goodbye to children as they enter the mundane routine of school life, and we can go back to drinking wine, swearing and doing fab adult things. My only problem is that I am slightly jealous of the children. As much as I love to pull a look in the office, I miss the rigidness of a school uniform. I see Prince George dressed like a 1940s evacuee and the green eyed monster emerges. It’s not fair. I want to look like that too. It appears that from the SS17 collections this will be possible, as everybody had schoolboys on their mind. Here are our favourite Ten Looks.

Wales Bonner

For SS17 Grace Wales Bonner continued redefining the idea of black masculinity and dedicated the collection to Haile Selassie (former Emperor of Ethiopia) but I couldn’t help but notice the law-school, take me to court vibes from this look. Order in the court!

Margaret Howell

As you will probably know Marge is the Queen of all things schoolboy-esque. The Margers Howell boy is always prim and proper. For SS17 he was a little Mad Men, a little Mormon, and a whole lot of brains. Clever is the new sexy.


Gucci’s schoolboy wasn’t any old state school student, he was a public schoolboy (of course). He likes to play croquet and read Proust in his spare time. Mummy and Daddy would certainly approve of his blazer and penny loafer combo. They might even buy him a yacht to match.


SS17 marked Balenciaga’s debut menswear show, and a first with Demna Gvasalia at the helm and it was all about redefining proportions. Oversized, boxy jackets or shruken ones that clung to the body. A little bit like Uncle Fester. Mixed with Wall Street. Very that.

Gosha Rubchinskiy

Our dear Junior Fashion Editor, Will, was lucky enough to attend the Gosha show in Pitti. And what did he think? “It reminds me of hanging out on the estate near my house when I was at school and was a little chav.” See school.


Naturally the Vetements boy is a rebel. The one who teachers are a little scared of so let him get away with his untucked shirt. They wouldn’t dare tell him to straighten his tie. You know that song ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson, not about him, but it could be.

Louis Vuitton

Apparently everyone was obsessed with travel for SS17, and Kim Jones was no exception to this at Louis Vuitton. This wasn’t strictly schoolboy attire unless there is a Safari School for wayward homosexuals. Camp in every sense of the word and beige only in colour. Desperately looking for a tranquilliser gun to accessorise alongside this look.

Maison Margiela

If you were a schoolboy decked in head to toe Margiela you’d certainly be more than a little aloof. ‘Nobody understands me’ you think to yourself painting alone in your room whilst listening to Bullet For My Valentine. He’s cool, artsy, and just a little bit of an asshole.

J.W. Anderson

J Dubz’s schoolboy was a little yoga retreat, a little futuristic, a little bit Oriental and a whole lotta chic. My favourite part has to be his little satchel slung over one shoulder. What would be in his satchel you wonder? Best left to the imagination…

Thom Browne 

Excuse my French, but Thom Browne was really fucking major. One of those shows you’ll just kick yourself for the rest of your life for not being there. There were models dressed as surfers, parrots and even a seagull, but the scene stealer? A suit wearing shark. Cue Jaws music.