Thursday 11th April

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Loewe Paula’s Ibiza III Sunglasses

When you like something you want more. And when you get more it doesn’t stop there. Desire is a never-ending trick that makes the world go round, and Loewe is no exception. Coming our way with the third edition of their Paula’s Ibiza collaboration, the Spanish fashion brand headed by Jonathan Anderson is making us all feel like we’re deep into summer. The epitome of a hot August day (a sour cocktail and the smell of salty sweat included), this extensive capsule collection builds on the bohemia of Ibiza’s heyday dating back to 1970s when the famous boutique Paula’s Ibiza was originally opened. Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton… All these people marked a moment in time with their presence at the (then) idyllic Spanish island, before Sex on the Beach took over. That’s the cocktail, not the actual act. This collaboration is bringing back those emotions of carefree sense of love, bathed in sun and great music.

As part of the third collection, overflowing with archival prints and reinterpretations of Loewe’s signature accessories as beach staples, there’s one particular item that stands out. As already modelled all over social media by Mister A$ap Rocky, the unique frames carry a trompe l’oeil feeling to them, creating a mould-like shape with colourful insides. Part old-school cinema 3D glasses, part retro-futurism via 1960s, these are potentially the most desirable pair of sunglasses for the season. They’re dropping on Monday, April 15th, and will most definitely sell out quite quickly. So, in case you miss out on them online, make sure to head over to the new Loewe London flagship store which will be opening at 41-42 New Bond Street on April 25th and will (as well as many other things) carry the Paula’s Ibiza III collection. Who needs a beach, when you can have a pair of sunglasses in five different shades, amirite?

 Loewe Paula’s Ibiza III capsule collection is launching worldwide on April 15th.