Friday 5th April

| BY Helena Fletcher

Ten Loves: Louis Vuitton’s Taïgarama Collection

According to Wikipedia Taiga is the world’s largest land biome. That’s the world’s largest naturally occurring forest to those who didn’t studied geography for GCSE. It’s a boreal forest populated by innumerable larch, pine and spruce trees and evergreen foliage, running across the Arctic climbs at the top of the globe. Extending over 11.5% of the world’s land area, it covers the majority of Russia, Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada and Siberia as well as dipping into the Scottish Highlands, Kazakhstan and Japan. Yep it’s really big – but how does this have any relationship to fashion? Well, it’s after the monumental Taïga forest that Louis Vuitton’s signature leather takes its name.

First launched in 1993, the textured cowhide leather has since come to be synonymous with Louis Vuitton’s masculine monde. When launched the Taïga became the house’s third generation of leather, following the launch of the rippling Épi leather line in 1986 and, of course, the OG iconic trademark Monogram canvas that started the malletier in 1896. For 2019 and the launch of Taïgarama, LV’s latest leather goods line, the Taïga is reimagined; paired with the Monogram canvas and realised in the form of every accessory a man could want/need/ever dream of. In addition to keyrings, cardholders, compact wallets, mini bumbags and super handy crossbodies, all the classic favourites have been given the Taïgarama-twist in flashbulb worth electric shades. Discovery Backpack – check. Outdoor Messenger – check. And the Keepall – check. It might be time to invest in some globetrotting-worthy souped-up savoir-faire.

The Taïgrama collection is available now in Louis Vuitton stores and online.