Friday 4th October

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: ‘The Dior Sessions’, a Publication by Nikolai Von Bismarck and Kim Jones

There’s nothing better than a grand ol’ coffee table book to spruce up your living room. Big, bulky and packed with some rather fine fashions, we know one-too-many guilty culprits who love spend obscene amounts to pack out their bookshelves with only the finest hardback. Now, courtesy of Dior, there’s a brand-spanking-new one to add to your collection. And trust us when we say, it’s worth every penny.

The Dior Sessions is the sleek new fashion monograph published by Rizzoli and chronicling Kim Jones’ momentous first year at the helm of the esteemed house. Lensed by the brilliant Nikolai von Bismarck with a preface penned by Mr. Alexander Fury, the book celebrates the people who are near and dear to both him and the designer. Shot on only black-and-white film over a twelve-month time span, across three continents, the duo has captured an intimate array of portraits of the leading individuals shaping Jones’ tenure at Dior. Handsome devils Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne, David Beckham and A$AP Rocky lead it for the boys. On the girl front, it’s everyone from actress Demi Moore to supermodel royalty Bella Hadid and Naomi Campbell that represent some of the book’s brightest moments. Bismarck’s other-half Kate Moss, also steps in front of his lens, pictured with her daughter Lila Grace Moss who is following her mum’s steps in becoming the industry’s next top model. Proceeds from the book will also go towards the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity close to the hearts of both Bismarck and Jones. It’s a great book, with an even greater cause – you have no excuse not to buy.

The Dior Sessions is available to buy online now and in select stores.