Friday 28th July

| BY Jack Moss

Ten Loves: The Saint Laurent Noé City Backpack

Saint Laurent Noe Backpack

Meet the latest in Saint Laurent’s daywear accessories line, the Noé City Backpack. See how it feels a little worn in already? That’s thanks to the leather, which, if you notice, is slightly creased. Doesn’t it look soft? Buttery. Like you could spread it on toast and eat it. Not that we eat, Saint Laurent or otherwise. We work in fashion. Which is actually a lie, because we do. A lot. Not that we’ve eaten leather though. Yet. It’s just like a very dried out piece of beef jerky isn’t it? Not that this bag in any way resembles beef jerky. It resembles a very nice bag. Notice the three front poppers. They are in reference to those found on the iconic Noé handbag. Because three’s always better than two, is it not?

The Noé City Back Pack is in Saint Laurent stores this July, €1150