Monday 17th April

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Ten Tips For How To Wear Fendi Sunglasses


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Here is a quandary, though: what if you don’t have a soul? I’m asking for a friend, honest. Think about it, though – what is a window that doesn’t show you anything? Is it still a window? Enough of the existential crisis, though. The friend I’m talking about is from my childhood. And I use the term “friend” loosely here, because in reality I was terrified of him. It’s the Demon Headmaster. Not much is known about his background or why he craved world dominance, but what we do know is that, behind those purple-tinted spectacles of his were eyes of piercing green that could render almost anyone hypnotised. Not cute. But I think it was just a simple misunderstanding, and all the DH really wanted was friends. Lots of them. And he just used his supernatural powers to stop people running away from him. However, it would have been a lot easier if he had just asked people why they were so scared. It was the glasses. Those round rims didn’t do anything for his face. But fear not, Headmaster, Fendi are here. For your face and stature we would suggest these frames. They don’t have your signature purple tint, but it is about embracing change. They’ll take you from ghoul to glam in 0.25 seconds. Goodbye, world dominance – hello, popularity.

Taken from issue 45 of 10 Men FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE on newsstands now…

Text Dominic Cadogan 
Photography Jason Lloyd-Evans