Thursday 4th July

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips on Wearing A Fanny Pack, Inspired By The Hugo x Liam Payne Collab

If I got a penny every time I stumbled upon a festival fashion guide telling me I absolutely *NEED* a fanny pack this year… Well, I’d probably have enough to buy myself a ticket to Glastonbury. But could it be that all these media outlets have a point? Are fanny packs truly the saviours of our generation? Garth is nodding his head across the Ten Towers – a white LV one dangles across his chest every day of the week as he rides his bike to work. “It’s just so practical,” he exclaims. I politely nod along, but never really get on board with it. A sassy, impractical bag is much more me than a pragmatic fanny pack. But there goes Mister Liam Payne and proves me wrong. All that with a single image.

In case you’ve been living your full digital detox fantasy, the ex 1D-er is the ambassador of Hugo, and has worked on a special collection of graphic sporty staples which reflect his personal style. Oversized tees with logos, hoodies with a chevron print and trousers which are a mix between trackies and tailored slacks. Apparently, Liam Payne is a chic lil’ guy. But what personally stood out the most was the fanny pack – and not for the most obvious reasons. Around the waist, in your hand or across the chest. The ways to wearing a fanny pack are endless, but there’s one ultimate method that still (somehow) hasn’t been discovered by all the attendees of Lovebox. Or Love Island for that matter. Using the fanny pack to hike up your top and reveal that oh, so sexy part on your hip abs. The Apollo’s belt. The Adonis belt. Or what will now be known as the Liam’s belt. And just like that, I became a fanny pack stan. Woof.

The Hugo x Liam Payne collection is currently exclusively available via Instagram and will be available online and in selected stores from tomorrow.