Friday 30th December

| BY Will Johns

The Jacket: Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann Commandment

It’s a scientific fact that the human eye is drawn to shiny objects. Just think about the glossy item you’re holding right now. And I can’t help but think about Dominic in the office, who’s always whipping out his Kiwi Shine & Protect to lend his hooves a glorious sheen. Then there’s Sophia, of course, whose gleaming nails are famously envied by fellow fashion folk. Apparently, it all comes down to water. Light bounces off it, signalling us to come over and drink it. We can’t help but wonder if vodka has the same effect. It’s also worth pointing out in this surprise science lesson that, as humans, we perceive shiny, glossy, shimmering things to be of a higher quality and therefore more luxurious than something matt. And in case you hadn’t noticed, 10 Men is all about the luxe life. In this case, the theory is true. The quality of a Haider Ackermann creation is as high as it gets. As its lucky wearer moves, a spectrum of colours comes to life, inducing gasps of delight from spectators, and its lush velvet exterior makes for a pleasurable stroking experience that you and others won’t want to end. Thank goodness for Browns, who chose to stock it within their perfect edit of our favourite designer’s collections. If water is the second survival must-have for man, this jacket comes a close third.

Taken from “Ten Commandments” Issue 44 of 10 Men, TRIBE PACK QUEST, on newsstands now… 

Photographer Pelle Crépin
Fashion Editor Will Johns

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