Sunday 24th June

| BY Richard Gray

Thom Browne: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

The master tailor takes a trip to a surrealist garden with lawnmower-pushing elves wearing high-waist, grey wool shorts and braces with a matching jacket. Welcome to the magic garden of Thom Browne – a happy place where anything can happen and often does. Watch as clown-a-like characters wearing huge pants and a green fur coat with a giant white lobster walks around slowly for a bit. Then marvel at the shorts with an embroided crab on the crotch. And then consider wearing odd socks just like him. Why not wave at the crowds like that mad elf who lives in a Wendy house on a grass-turf island in the middle of a catwalk. Oh, and has that model been testing the childhood theory of holding a buttercup under your chin? Remember: If it shines yellow, it means that you like the taste of butter. Because it’s yellow under his chin: clever makeup! Sit there with mouth open wide as a series of ‘70s-style glam rock platform shoes walk by: they’re oddly beautiful. And lay back and listen to the hypnotic, mind’s-eye-opening Bowie soundtrack. What marvellous mushrooms has Thom Browne been taking? That show was terrific! Completely mental and completely terrific.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans