Sunday 28th June

| BY 10Magazine

Thom Browne Paris Ss16 Always Put On A Show

Always put on a show. And, after a season that has played it relatively straight and sober on the Cecil B. Demille spectacular front, you can count on Thommy baby to come up with the goods. He packaged them, this season, I a fetching little bento box pavillion, filled with geisha guys (very Jujubee’s “Memoirs of a Gay-sha” we were reliably informed by Drag Race aficionado Alex Fury) and straight-laced businessmen in grey suits patchworked with everything from Mount Fuji horizons to lucky tigers. What a way to end the spring/summer season. Thanks Thom-san. And sayonara Tenners. See you in couture. Starts in a week. Eek.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans