Wednesday 7th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Tom Ford: Menswear AW18

Collar up, sunglasses on, animal print, Tom Ford has got it going on. So fly he’s making us bust a rhyme. Is this the ultimate glamour va va voom menswear? Yes, New York Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 18 has officially revved up, is in gear and off, full speed ahead. The Tom Ford man is flash, cashed up in all that sheen and metallic magic. Hmm we’re getting Tom Ford Gucci days vibes with that impeccably tailored sheen in so many great prints and colours. Bringing the good stuff back. So lustrous, even the shoes gleamed.

There was lots of python print, because Mr. Ford is oh so sly. And we must also talk about the puffer jackets. You see it’s officially the year of the puffer, cubic space, calling it now. Big coats, fitted suit jackets. The uniform. It was all very noble, even when they were in their underwear. And dayum they looked good. Chiseled to perfection (we’re talking about the underwear, obvs). Tom Ford branded on the waistband briefs is simply the way to go. Matched with rumpled socks. He woke up like this. And then Mr. Ford came down the runway to Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful. Because we will still love the Tom Ford man even when (unlikely as it is) he’s no longer young and beautiful. As long as he’s wearing a whole lot of this. It was simply, fastidiously Tom Ford. Crisp. Now for the womenswear later this week.