Tuesday 29th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Topman: This Is Denim

Imagine a world without jeans. It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Now, talking specifically to the boys – imagine a world without Topman jeans. For what British boy has not owned a pair? Where would you have been as the denim axis shifted from boot-cut to skinny around the year 2000? It was a seminal moment. But Topman is no longer just about the skinny leg (although, don’t fret, they still have plenty of these) but now stocks a veritable array of denim cuts. Kind of like Willy Wonka’s factory, had he traded in the sweet-making business and moved into the world of male apparel. The centre piece is their new standard fit – a kind of loose, straight shape, in selvedge denim. Which are anything but standard, really. There’s also a wide-leg crop that we’re particularly fond of – the fit’s in the name. There’s even a flare – ‘the 70s kick flare’, no less. How fabulous. I’m sure we’ll all be wearing them in a month’s time. Will has his eye on the pair of denim dungarees, which also look great, apart from when you need a wee. Oh well, he can hold it in. To showcase this new collection of denim, Topman have released a special campaign – shown above. And don’t worry, for the less patient of you there’s no need to wait – the collection is in-store and online now.