Sunday 18th June

| BY Jack Moss

Versace: Menswear SS18

Always look forward to a Versace show. They are deliciously OTT, of course, but full of clothes for boys to actually wear, which sounds quite obvious but sometimes designers miss that part out. There’s always something of a theme with Don, and tonight I want to say she was feeling a bit preppy. Okay, so not a word one usually associates with Versace – smouldering, sizzling, sensual, yes, yes, yes – preppy, no. But it was. It starts with pinstripe tailoring and school-boy red jumpers. Shirts and ties. And ummmmm… what’s that? A lady model. Oooh, and she’s matching! Except she’s got a skirt on. Are we getting the whiff of a school uniform moment? Well, maybe – knitwear is embroidered with badge-like crowns, there’s more shorts, caps, some delicious baby-blue sportswear. And the girls – and when we say girls, we mean bonafide supers (IYA Candice!) wearing these amped-up one-shouldered dresses with sharply cut shirts beneath. Sort of like, and sorry to evoke a vaguely sexist stereotype here – a sexy schoolma’am. She looks powerful, you know? A shoulder moment. So, highlights – got to say we’re very into those cute pastels on the boys, and those flashes of Versace prints are a nice flashback which haven’t been as prominent lately. I’d maybe go as far as to say that there’s an innocence to the boys this season. Usually you want Versace’s boys to ravage you, this time you want to pick them up and give them a cuddle. But there’s nothing at all wrong with that – the Versace boy can’t be a knicker-clad sex God all of the time.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans