Saturday 20th June

| BY 10Magazine

Versace Milan SS16

Donatella Versace loves a macho man – but she’s quite free and easy with her descriptions. For instance, the elongated tunics and skirts chiffon stuff fluttering prettily about the hips of her mods’ bods today – on any other catwalk they’d tap into the gender bending mood that’s all the rage, but snugly hugging Donatella’s fellas packages (front and back) they read as machismo incarnate. Basic mood today was Sheik chic. Meaning drapey trews, pyjama suits and lots of headscarves, including a hundred or so patch worked and looped into a fabulous tent and topped with – what else – a trio of muscle-bound hunks. We wouldn’t mind being topped by them either. Over and out from day one of Milan menswear Tenners.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans