Wednesday 25th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Vetements Show “Stereotypes” AW17 Collection At Couture Week

Just like a proper couture show should, Vetements followed tradition and ended in with a bride in virginal white. The rest though, as to be expected, veered from tradition and entered the realm of stereotypes, a list of which appeared on Instagram the other day, but, like one of those messages that self destructs in less than ten seconds, it seems to be gone. Anyway, we’re going to call this a Woolworth’s pick and mix of characters. We begun with your furs and boucle tweeds, echoing the wants the couture customer – fitting, seeing as this falls couture schedule, and noone likes to shop quite like those ladies, though even they might draw the line at an oversized hoodie or leather dog collar. Then came your tourists, American, with shorts hiked up so high a rather attractive and voluptuous bulge formed in the crotch area. The European tourist, possibly German, though maybe Dutch, in a see-through anorak, with a drawstring waste. Eastern European youths came through in loose-flowing, not baggy, tracksuits and paler than a marble bust. There was a middle-management Eighties businesswoman in strict black suiting complete with a shirt unbuttoned to who knows where, but indicative of a quickie in the ladies, perhaps? The came the businessmen, the one that takes the tube compete in some athletic rain repellent thing over his suit and the other in layers of camel and those wide navy trousers that indicate use of a town car. There was even a Dallas oil baron type, complete with Stetson and Vetements emblazoned across the crotch, but don’t trust him to have stricken oil, he’s probably still searching and he definitely won’t be finding it in the Pompidou Centre. Then a bouncer, in bouncer leather, a punk/Cyberdog throwback living Dolly Parton’s most famous motto, “the higher the hair the closer to God” in matching green skins. And, for those who want something a little less extreme, allow us to present the suburban father, just like the one you keep at home. Like we said, a Woolworth’s Pick n’ Mix, but less tooth rotting. Remember how much you used to love those…

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans