Friday 18th December

| BY Jack Moss

Vetements: SS16 Lookbook

Remember that time you went into a charity shop and vaguely sniffed about the rails for a few minutes before deciding this whole business was not for you? Yet, the very same week your good pal found the perfectly formed little something in the very same place? Well, the Vetements guy or guy is that person. All very do-it-yourself, “oh, I just threw this on” type-of-thing. I believe you might call it “effortless”. But of course, as these photos prove, its not so effortless after all – there are big brains behind it all, in the form of  Demna Gvsalia and his 25 strong design collective. The photographs come from their just released lookbook-cum-documentary – giving you a behind-the-scenes peek into the working process behind their Spring show whilst showing off their rough, deconstructed then put-back-together clothing in it’s natural habitat. It’s impulsive. And so is their process – expect nice, wonkily stuck up pictures, fridge-diving, cigarettes, skinny boys. A star appearance from an IKEA box. Oh, and that Star Wars look in all its glory. What else did you expect but chaos from a brand responsible for shaking up the Parisian scene? What’s French for fabulous?

Photographs by Pierre-Ange Carlotti