Monday 9th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Wales Bonner: Menswear AW17

What is it they say about a sequel never being as good as the original? Well, Wales Bonner throughly disproved that theory this evening with her second solo collection, entitled, fittingly, Spirituals II. We were greeted, upon entering the space, with a wall of speakers. A wall of speakers that would, eventually fill the room with music. Because this was about spirituals, songs sung to speak of freedom when in the darkest of places – “take it from me someday we’ll all be free” – and what better moment, considering recent world events, to declare that? The clothes, as Grace has proven so deft, are collected from far off lands – “a celebration of diversity” she said backstage – delicately embellished jackets, shrunken and cropped, swathes of white fabric, perfect, modern tailoring where the proportions were just slightly skewed. Upon the heads, twists of fabric or furry caps, made by Stephen Jones. And throughout, moments of colour and pattern – lemon yellow, harlequin diamonds, houndstooth, gingham. A feast for the eyes. To end, the models walked out with their hands upon their hearts, in prayer or in protest. This was a declaration of intent from Wales Bonner – an emotive, poetic collection from a storyteller that speaks of our times. Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound.