Monday 27th March

| BY Jack Moss

WATCH: Valentino Release New Film To Celebrate Panther Collection

I am reminded of a recent episode of Planet Earth whereby some sort of large cat, I want to say leopard, drags a newborn piglet from its mother’s teet and then violently ravages it for meat. I mean – when you want pork, you want pork. I presume. I haven’t eaten pig since I watched this episode of Grey’s Anatomy where a woman ate raw bacon and got tapeworms on her brain. Not that there are any violently ravaged baby animals in this, the latest menswear fash film from Valentino, nor tapeworms or piglets, but there is a similar large cat, this time a panther, stalking an unnamed city’s streets. Enjoy instead plenty of nice panther-emblazoned clothing (the collection is aptly named the Panther, inspired by Valentino Garavani’s iconic print) and a bit of light parkour as our boys appear to chase after the beast rather than run away from it. Why? What? How? Find out in the film above…