Friday 7th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

10 Futuristic Questions with Xander Zhou, In Anticipation of His SS20 Show

Pregnant men, yetis and models on stilts. There’s never a boring moment at a Xander Zhou show, each just a bit more absurd than the previous one. The inspirations at the core? The world of tomorrow. Playing with perception of ideas that could easily serve as the plot twist to an episode of Black Mirror or The OA, Zhou creates catwalk scenarios that are as extraordinary as they are humorous, with a large portion of actually wearable clothes on the side. There’s a twisted sense of comedy in all that he does, infused with topics of digital afterlife, AI and genetic modification – this is futurism adapted to the world of today. As of now, his SS20 show is veiled with mystery, with only things we know being – it’s going to be spectacular. How does Zhou predict the outcome? “I hope people will find my collection mind-expanding and join me on a mental journey. As for pieces, I expect the bottom half will be most ‘popular’,” he tells us. Ahead of the “techno-oriental” extravaganza, unravelling as part of London Fashion Week Men’s at 2pm this coming Sunday, we caught up with the Chinese designer on all things related to space, technology and future. 

Dino Bonacic: Would you rather have a third leg or four eyes? Why?

Xander Zhou: No need to choose, I already have four eyes.

DB: If you could collaborate with any scientist – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

XZ: Stephen Hawking. I would consult him for a Black Hole-themed collection and show.

DB: What will people be wearing in 200 years?

XZ: Perhaps by then we are all AI entities in the cloud, wearing iClothes.

DB: How do you imagine using AI in your everyday life?

Xander says he would have me answer all your questions.

DB: What colour is the future and why?

XZ: Ultimately, the future will be completely black because we will disappear into a massive black hole.

DB: Is there life on Mars?

XZ: I think if there was, it would have found us by now.

DB: If you could clone anything in your possession, what would it be?

XZ: Myself, because I would get more work done better and faster.

DB: What’s the skill you wish you could artificially learn?

XZ: Speaking all human languages.

DB: If you could ask an alien any question, what would it be?

XZ: Look at me and tell me what you see.

DB: Where will you be in 2069?

XZ: In the cloud.

Photographs by Zeng Wu. The Xander Zhou SS20 show will take place at 2pm on Sunday, June 6th.