Friday 23rd June

| BY Jack Moss

Yohji Yamamoto: Menswear SS18

Yohji does Yohji. What is it they say about Gods making men in their image? Surely the same must be said of fashion Gods, which Yohji most certainly is, perhaps even the Zeus of fashion Gods – his enduring influence reaches so far and wide. Anyway, man in his image. That would be exit 31. Big black drapey blazer, peg-leg trousers, also black and that sort of Snufkin-off-the-Moomins hat that Yohji favours. Black too. No bad thing, really. Quite fancy a world filled with Yohji-ites.

Rest of the collection comes without much explanation – Yohji doesn’t do that, he doesn’t explain away his collection with waffly inspiration points. Which is quite nice really. Instead, we sit each season and appreciate some good, intelligent menswear – here, wafty shirts with mysterious ladies printed on them, suiting in velvet, or with a frenetic impressionist print, some typically generously proportioned outerwear. A nice flash of coloured leather at the beginning. Yohji fans are going to go wild for it. They always do.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans