Thursday 22nd June

| BY Jack Moss

Y/PROJECT: Menswear SS18

For some reason, by which I actually mean one very obvious reason, that being that they both have a Y in them – whenever I read Y/PROJECT, I get Y Control by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stuck in my head. Not much more to this thrilling anecdote than that (filling words, moi?) – I will not, for once, attempt to stretch out a completely unrelated reference to become a metaphor for the entire collection. Instead, let’s just talk about the clothes. Because Y/PROJECT are about clothes.

Here, men’s clothes. All those pieces typically found in a man’s wardrobe – suits, overcoats, jeans etc. etc. here reworked into something wholly different. Jeans are tight, pulled up to the knee, like… a pedal pusher? Quite into it. Tailoring is hefty of shoulder and cut in this off-kilter way that made it sort of drape on the boys’ bodies, like it’s been piled upon them, whilst shirts were layered, giving this opened-up silhouette. Amplified tracksuit tops are worn tucked in, emphasising the generously proportioned shape.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans