Sunday 5th September

| BY Will Saunders

10 Questions with Laurel Smith Ahead of Her First Ever Live Performance

Mixing the sound elements of Hip-Hop, RnB, and Electronic all together to create her own unique sound combined with her fashion aesthetic, just a few days before her 19th birthday, Laurel Smith is already well on her way to becoming a household name. Taking inspiration from the likes of Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, and Trippie Redd she manages to take on different personas and tell stories through her music. Being a very visual creative her music videos only enhance her exciting, new sound almost putting you in a trance. Without giving away too much detail she is working hard behind the scenes and promises that big things are coming. Ahead of her first ever live performance at Cargo, London, we cannot wait for what she has planned for us. See the music video for her most recent single Out The Cage below – “a story around a bored housewife, falling out of love with her husband, she fantasises about tying him up and leaving him to become a badass assassin in a video game type world, roaming the city at night and living a life of unpredictability and excitement”.

Firstly, how are you feeling now festivals and live music events are opening back up?

I’m feeling a lot more optimistic, I can finally explore a whole part of what I do that I didn’t get the chance to previously. I’m so ready to get up on stage finally.

The one question that everyone wants to know the answer to, when are we getting new music?

Sadly I can’t give a solid answer currently, but know that things are most definitely happening behind the scenes. I’m really excited to show everyone what I’ve got in the archives- I think the music I’ve made over the past couple of months is the closest I’ve ever been to my true sound.

Do you follow the same process with every new song you write or does each one differ?

It always differs in terms of the order of things like lyrics, melody, and all that. One thing about my songwriting that always is the same is that I’m a very visual creative. Whatever I’m saying in my lyrics I see in my head in images and scenes, I think that’s why my songs often tell stories and create atmospheres, they’re like short movies.

Any advice for young artists balancing music and school together?

When I was studying for my A levels I tried to revise when I wasn’t feeling inspired and make music as soon as I was. If I tried to study when all I wanted to do was put down the melody or lyric idea in my head there was no way I was gonna concentrate.

Who are the artists you can’t stop listening to at the moment?

Taking a quick look at my playlist, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Kid LAROI, Unknown T, Sahbabii, and Thouxanbanfauni.

You said that your single ‘Game Over’ was about being stuck in a vicious circle, and was written at a particularly low point in your life. How did you manage to break this and come out the other side shining?

Writing the song helped a lot, it’s a coping mechanism I developed at quite a young age. We have a piano in my living room at home and anytime I felt low I would sit down and try to write. I think more people should try using a creative outlet, there’s something kinda beautiful about being able to turn pain into art.

As well as your music, your fashion style is always top tier, how would you describe it?

I like switching things up, some days I wanna feel really feminine and sexy and put on a corset top or a dress, other days I just want to wear my grey joggers and cp hoodie and be comfy.

Would you ever want to go into fashion yourself? Collaborate with a designer or start your own line?

Yeah, that’s something I’d definitely be interested in once I get to a certain point in my career, but at the moment I’m definitely too busy with music and school. One day though, I think it would be sick to walk down the street and spot people wearing clothes I’d help design.

If you could collaborate with anyone music or fashion-wise currently, who would it be?

Music – Kanye West (gotta aim high right), Labrinth or Unknown T

Fashion – Unknown London, Prada or Nike

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Do what makes you happy because one day you’ll be dead and nothing will matter”.

Tickets for Laurel’s first-ever live show can be purchased here.