Friday 15th May

| BY 10Magazine

10 Talks To Newgen Newbies

Cottweiler AW15

Look, a gathering of men – and a woman – upon a rooftop. It’s a bit like the chimney sweeps in Mary Poppins. Only these aren’t chimney sweeps. No, they are fashion designers, menswear extraordinaires and, as of this week, NEWGEN MEN recipients. NEWGEN newbies Bobby Abley, Cottweiler and PIETER have joined the scheme’s existing band of merry menswear designers Agi & Sam, Alex Mullins, Astrid Andersen, CMMN SWDN, Craig Green, Diego Vanassibara, Kit Neale, Nasir Mazhar and Vidur in receiving support to showcase their SS16 collections at LC:M.  “We are looking forward to seeing what the cream of emerging British menswear has to offer this season,” said Jason Griffiths of Topman, which sponsors the scheme. “The list of recipients includes designers whose shows are quickly becoming essential must-sees on the schedule.” And it’s these must-sees we can’t wait to see.