Friday 7th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

Step inside 10 Magazine’s Wild 20th Birthday Party via the lens of Vianney Le Caer

We might not throw them often, but we do indeed throw the best parties out there. Yep – we said it ourselves. Who is going to blow our horn if not us? But back to the important stuff – last night saw our 20th birthday bash roaring the otherwise calm setting of Belgravia as we took over the stunning setting of the future-looking concept store that is 50m. Inside their Ecclestone Yards space, our family and friends (both new and old) came together to celebrate two decades of Lady Neophitou’s universe.

Posters of Jermaine Francis and Derek Ridgers’ imagery along with the covers were hung around and plenty of drinks were had (thanks to Ely’s Cocktails for keeping us hydrated and bringing the tropical mezcal fantasy!). Lagoon Femshayma headlined with the soundtrack that included all club anthems from both then and now, making sure the dance floor was full and buzzing from start to finish. Naming all of our stupendous attendees would be an impossible task – and we do need to keep some secrets to ourselves. You know – you just had to be there…

But for all those that couldn’t, there’s the sharp lens of Vianney Le Caer. Swapping the war zones and conflict situations for a setting filled with fashion’s best, Le Caer put his enviable skillset of reportage photography into capturing every important moment (and a few smashed glasses) of the yesterday’s party proceedings.

Thank you to Tracey Suen and the whole 50m team, Ely’s Cocktails, Lagoon Femshayma and everyone who came last night and made it as special as it was. We wouldn’t get to 20 years without all of you. And yes, we’ve already cheered enough last night, but here’s another one. To the next 20!!!

All photographs by Vianney Le Caer.