Wednesday 21st December

| BY Garth Spencer

A First Look At Jeremy Scott’s Google Pixel Phone Cases


I love emojis. I at least try to use least one in every message I write to communicate. Most the time I prefer not to use words. They have become dated and one dimensional. An emoji  will give you pure depth of feeling. Like moving, talking hieroglyphics of the modern world. They look to become the ultimate language of the human race. Text books and language classes will become a thing of the past. International travel will be made so much easier. It you know how to say the aubergine emoji you are set to go. Masters in Emoji will be sought after degrees at Yale and Oxford. The UN will no longer need language translators. Any miscommunications that could lead to international warfare. Oh no. The future is glowing in a yellow haze of a smiley face. Jeremy Scott and Google have managed to link the two with an interactive case that snaps onto the Google Pixel phone. The characters appear on your phone case, keyboard and screen saver. Making you a more highly developed individual human being.

Cases available through to February 2017