Wednesday 17th January

| BY Finn Blythe

A First Look At Loewe’s Steven Meisel-Shot Winter 2018 Men’s Campaign

0XHKpIn anticipation of Men’s Fashion Week arriving in Paris, Stephen Meisel and Jonathan Anderson painted the town Loewe for their Winter 2018 campaign. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular shade, note the above image, shot by Steven Meisel, which will provide the figurative ‘paint’ that has been plastered throughout Paris some 5000 times, to appear for the next twelve days. The Twelve Days of Christmas don’t have anything on this. We like to think this will involve Jonathan and Stephen flitting through Paris on a Lambretta in the early hours, sporting matching balaclavas and a few PVC spray cans, silently making their way from telephone boxes to Metro stations, giving each other leg-ups and keeping a look-out. Alas, the whole thing is likely to be a far more above board affair, but one can dream.

At the centre of it all though- Meisel’s wonderful image of British actor Josh O’Connor, the new face of Loewe and star of God’s Own Country, reading Flaubert’s masterpiece Madame Bovary. The novel was reproduced in hardcover by Loewe, with a special sleeve featuring an old Meisel photograph that originally appeared as an editorial in US Vogue circa 2006. Meta. It’s actually a bit of a precedent for Loewe, who announced in conjunction with the campaign that they will be publishing a series of literary classics later this year, all featuring iconic Meisel works that have been re-purposed for the collection. The perfect chance to fulfil that, ‘I must read more’ New Year’s resolution that was otherwise never going to happen.